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Keynote Speaker

Joseph Varghese

Joseph Varghese aka "The Breakthrough Engineer" is a Growth & Process Strategist. For 20 years, Joseph has been immersed in the science of peak performance, productivity, and gamification ever since leaving the corporate world as a technology management consultant for several Fortune 100 companies.

He is a husband, a father to two children and he considers himself to be a peak performance athlete in all that he does. His mission is to help growth-minded entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to make 1% DAILY meaningful and measurable progress to win the game of life, work & play.

Since 2005, Joseph has been leading Success Circles (https://SuccessCircles.com) a peer-accountability and advisory circle community. Success Circles has supported hundreds of entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to improve executive function, master prioritization and delegation skills, all while staying in their zone of genius.

Joseph is also one of the leaders of the NYC Basket Brigade 501C3, feeding over 250 thousand New Yorkers in need every year.

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What Will You Learn In This Free Training

Customized AI Solutions

Craft an AI advisor tailored to your unique business needs for personalized insights.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Harness predictive analytics for strategic foresight into market trends and customer behaviors.

Unmatched Efficiency

Automate routine tasks, allowing more room for innovation and strategic thinking.

Competitive Advantage

Leverage cutting-edge AI for insights that set you apart.

Scalable Growth

Identify opportunities and optimize operations for sustainable expansion.

Practical Experience

Leave with a working AI prototype ready to make an immediate impact.

What People Say About Joseph

"This was one of the BEST investments and a GAME changer for myself and my business for the past year." 

"The founder Joseph Varghese is a master at efficiency and helping high performers reach new level of achievements."

"Joseph is a great person with a pure heart who genuinely wants to help and see people succeed."

"He will be one of your biggest fans cheering for you on the sidelines. He’s super resourceful and doesn’t hold back. He’s honest and has what’s best for you and the rest of the group in mind."

"Joseph is what I would call a "SUPER CONNECTOR"! He has the most unique gift of connecting people I've ever seen."

"He has the perfect balance of generosity, coaching, love, and life mastery to give anyone and everyone a chance to live their best life!"

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